Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Afternoons at the park

We have a neighborhood park across from our house. It isn't one of those crazy busy, over run parks. Our neighborhood is rather small so it works out perfectly. Plus, 85 degrees is steamy for Indiana peeps. We skip across the street a time or two a day and play until we need water. Not bringing drinks helps me escape the sun. 
We swing and swing.

Hailey has been wearing pajamas for a week now, she still isn't 100%.
He is SO big. 😢

I push them and they laugh.

Hijacked Harper's minion hat. They are exactly the same size, she is just a bit taller.


We came back for water and Popsicles. 

Harper sat down and sat this is the life mom.  Don't we all wish we could be 3 again?

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