Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July weekend

We had a busy but low key weekend up here. Does that even make sense?  We spent all weekend unboxing and putting away. Thursday evening was the first chance we had to begin unpacking so we've been flying through boxes. Now that the house is just about done, I'm guessing we will dirty it back up with everything from the garage. The house had a thick layer of dust on everything from windows to cabinets to blinds and appliances. All five of us are stuffy or having allergy issues from the boxes and all the dust we are trying to rid.  In another day or two, we should have everything dusted and items put away for the most part. A house cleaner is coming later this week to help out with bathrooms and cleaning.

Our movers didn't put boxes in the correct places. Sure, the boxes labeled master belong in the garage right? It has been like a scavenger hunt looking for items. But it will be so worth t in the long run.

This year wasn't our typical Fourth of July but the girls were not letting us miss fireworks. They love them! Random times through out the year or when we are at the cabin, we will bring out the sparklers and simple fire crackers.  It stays light so late up here that we began popping them until the big shows began. It was a great time, so thankful for OFF. The Mosquitos were horrible.

Harper pours her heart into everything.

Hudson thought the fireworks were over rated. He loves watching them and jumps when it goes boom but 10:15 was just too late for this little dude.  He has had a rough week sleeping and adjusting to the new house. The girls were a different story......
Chris popped some awesome ones.  Our new back yard is great and we could see various fireworks without fighting crowds. 

Sweet babies.

Hudson is in that stage where he wants to act out or run in the pictures. 

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