Saturday, May 26, 2012


What a sunny day around here!

We met Terri and Kalli at a small water park today in Irving.
Goodness, what fun we had!
The place was packed by the time we left but luckily, we arrived before they opened.
Poor gal woke with her allergies kickin' this morning and puffy, swollen eyes.

HG writing her letters.
Harper love refused to sleep this morning.
We were in Irving and I did not think she needed to wake everyone up at 7.
After all, we were up well after 2 am.
The two of us headed to Starbuck's for breakfast and then to Albertson's.
I sware, Starbuck's must have used whole milk because I was SICK AS A DOG for a few hours.
Bad sick.
Or maybe the coffee cake was bad?
Either way, I hadn't been sick like that in a long, long, long time.
The small kid area, there is also a fully covered toddler area to the right of this.
We have the park rented out for HG's birthday for a couple of hours.
She is stoked.
I enjoyed some alone time with HG tonight.
I think we both loved it and needed it.
Things like that are hard to come by around here these days.
She loves these twins, baby Meredith and baby Addison.
Harper loved the pool.
She must have been worn out because she crashed a little after 6 tonight.
That can only mean one thing..or two.
She will wake 5-6 am.
OR she will wake in the middle of the night for an hour or two.
Maybe I will get lucky.
She was out for 3 hours after swimming.
Don't worry, I corrected her seat belt after this picture.
The big slides.
One of our daily summer reads.
This is a great book for HG's age.
We read a story and then talk about it.
Albertson's had their McCormmick spices on sale for 50 cents.
They are normally 1.59 so I was excited.
As we walked up, they were discounting their hanging baskets to $2!!!
I only grabbed HG two because Chris just told me not to be carrying flowers in my new car for a while.
HA, I partly minded.
I seriously wanted to buy them all.
Ice cream at the pool.
Simply summer time.
Th husband and I headed to dinner last night after the girls bedtime.
We headed to Javier's in Dallas for Mexican and margaritas.
I should have taken a picture before heading out, we looked hot and puke free!!
This one was taken well into our night, actually on our way home.
WAAAAAAAAAAY past our bedtime.
We ended meeting up with some friends.
Did you know turtles like popcorn?
Harper napping along side the pool today.
Such a sweetie.
Changing diapers.

With HG napping 3 hours this evening and waking shortly before 7, she is still awake.
We finally got her to shower the sunscreen and chlorine off her.
I think she and the husband might make an ice cream run before making her return to bed at 10.
I would rather have a king size pack of Reese's peanut butter cups.
I laugh at the thought that she might actually go back to sleep three hours after she got a long nap.

Tomorrow will be another fun filled day.
We get to spend the day with Poppy and Auntie Collins.
HG wants them HERE when she wakes.
She is not very patient is she?

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  1. That water park does look fabulous! The birthday party is going to be so much fun. I love all of the pictures. I love how a day of swimming can wear our kids out! We swam on sunday and Boyd was exhausted. I love summer evenings so much when you are full of water and sun and tired, but in a good way.

    Have a great week!