Thursday, May 3, 2012

When it rains, it pours!

Goodness, where do I begin?
Can you believe it is May?
Harper is 6 months, I will do a post on that soon, maybe on her 7th month birthday.
HG gets to celebrate her 4th birthday on Tuesday at school since she has a summer birthday.
FOUR? Makes me sick!
Harper was Baptized this past Sunday in the same Church at HG and wearing the same gown.
The gown was mine as a baby and was worn by my sister, cousin and HG.
So special.

You know that old saying, when it rains it pours?
Well we experienced this first hand this Monday.
After being gone for four hours, we walked into our living room being flooded through the ceiling.
I immediately took off for the Master bath expecting to find a toilet over flowing.
That was not the case.
There was maybe a cup of water total on the floor, if that.
But it was pouring through the ceiling.
I grabbed the phone for the insurance company and pulled out all tons of towels for Chris and HG to lay out.
Adding buckets to the mix, we were waiting and wondering what in the world happened.
Turns out that the valve on the toilet busted.
Then the pipe was full of icky stuff from previous owners.
So if you have ever stayed in the hospital and all the comotion that goes on, that is exactly what it feels like here.
People in and out.
People checking on you while placing loud fans and humidifiers through out the house.
Wood has been ripped up, half the ceiling gone, just found out that the tile and toilet are next in line.
Wish us luck!

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