Wednesday, May 9, 2012


HG GOT TO CELEBRATE HER BIRTHDAY TUESDAY AT SCHOOL. She asked for a donut, a blueberry waffle and chocolate milk for breakfast. She managed one bite of waffle and a few sips of milk. I think she was nervous and excited at the same time. Along with her backpack, she had party favors, a Little Mermaid cupcake cake, Princess plates and napkins and her lunch. A lunch she picked everything out at Kroger. When I arrived to pick her up, she was grinning ear to ear. It was a nice surprise since she slept three hours the night before and woke up to bad allergies.
Harper and I shopped for teacher gifts, the girls some clothes, birthday gifts and groceries. I hadn't been to the Mills in a while and scored some great items. I LOVE the teacher gifts and their knit dresses and rompers. The girls have a ton of dress up and smocked outfits but we needed some cute knit dresses.
The husband arrived home last night and HG was so excited. She was bouncing off the wall all evening. It makes my heart happy to see her with such excitement for him.
Harper love let us get some much needed sleep last night but still rose with the sun. With a short 45 minute nap all day, she has been wild. Her bottom tooth is trying to come through and it is pretty rough feeling. Those silly teeth take for ever and a day to break through. I broke out the teething tablets today after a good friend reminded me. A mere 20 minutes later, she was out like a light and going on a 90 minute nap. An hour of that, HG was up from her nap being very vocal.

We're working on healthier options for our dinners and lunches. We are horrible about eating out for lunch. Really, almost daily. With me driving to and from Grapevine three days a week and right at lunch, drive thru is much easier. Today was a good day though. Or maybe I should say almost good. Breakfast was eggs (egg whites for me!), and cinnamon waffles with fruit. Those of you on Pinterest, I made the cinnamon roll waffles. They were good but not any better than homemade waffles with cinnamon added to them. Plus, they were small and had a lot of fat per one. HG wasn't crazy about them, she like blueberry or whole weat plain waffles though. Without syrup, just butter. After dance, HG wanted chick Fil A so bad. Oh so bad! I was craving it too. Yum, we love some chick Fil a. I held strong and came home to fix lunch. I felt bad because it was 1:20 by the time we walked through the door and poor HG was starving. She ate everything on her plate and asked for more. We even made homemade honey mustard. I'm the greatest mom ever for teaching her that little trick. Each meal comes with a huge mess, dishes and sweeping but saved us money and we were not having fried food. Did I mention that I am craving some fried chicken? Goodness! While I was cleaning
the kitchen after lunch, I threw some marinade on some chops and Texas sweet Texas corn to partner with potatoes, a glass of wine and maybe a cupcake or cookie. Now did you really think I could make it through an elite day being good? I don't have it in me. :)

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  1. Love the pictures! We are horrible with eating out at lunch too. Even if I just have to run a quick errand, I always want fast food. I have got to stop! Teething tablets are the best things ever, so is Gripe Water. We swore by both of them. :)

    ps. Yes, chicken salad is perfect for today. See you soon!