Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More picture catch up

I'm sure our neighbors love us. This was well before 9 in the morning. On a weekend.
Boots (below) enjoys stealing the toys and running with them.
Oh the screams that come out of Hailey Grace.

Love these shoes!
HG singing Taylor Swift at Carino's in Texarkana for the patio diners.

Playing in the oh so cold sprinkler.
Harper's first tooth when it came in.
She got one two months earlier than HG.
I was not prepared for this.
Or the waking 4 times a night for the last three weeks.
Good grief!
Dancing at lunch one day.
A happy baby in Little Rock on a stroll.
Love this gal.
She lives in Little Rock and I love that I finally get to see her more often.
Camo is at training school so HG decided to dig in his hole.
Sweet gal not wanting to wake from a nap.
Yes, I still make her nap or rest for 2 hours at nearly 4 years old.
Works out well for both of us.
Harper grabbed the lime off the table and went to town on it.
Teething much? Or maybe just making big sister laugh.
Snow cones equal summer!!
This girl has super strong core muscles.
Another snap of Stephanie and Harper.
This was the day her tooth pretty much came through, not a happy day for her.
She loves George.
George belongs to HG.
I think the pasta did HG in that night.
Two silly girls.
Oh how we love spending the day with Megan.
Aren't these flowers simply amazing?
They line the outside of Mom and Scott's house.
Poppy and HG on the lawn mower.
Poppy recently ran over a 5-6 foot snake.
Snake away anyone?
Julie's Deli in Texarkana is most of our lunches when home.
Their food is just so yummy and the sweetest staff in the whole wide world.
(saying that in my most southern voice)

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