Friday, July 20, 2012

9 months

Sweet Harper Elizabeth or Harper love as we call you. HG started calling you Harper love very early on and it kind of stuck. You are so sweet and so lovable. You like to be held, mainly by momma but you are growing more and more fond of daddy. This past weekend you took a HUGE liking to your Aunt Collins. It was a nice sight.

We still can't believe you are 9 months (8months). Just 9 months ago, I brought home you as a tiny 5 pounder. Not to mention you were 17 inches with hands pushing you flat. You were perfect though. You look just like a blonde china doll with a round face. Oh what a perfect tiny little body you had.

We are finally past all the newborn and infant phase and you are clearly on your way to the first year mark. You aren't saying many words, momma and bye bye. I think you are starting to sound more out though. Just yesterday I told you bye bye and you repeated it and waved. HG and I were much too close to passing out cold over that one. We decided a dance party was needed instead. You just cracked up. No idea why we were cheering and laughing so hard. I have to remind myself that development wise you are only 8 months. And you have only had the fluid off your ear drums since April. The doctors said you could really only hear muffled sounds before then. It was like an instant change in your behavior. Oh and how vocal you became. Oh the squeals! You squealed just to squeal.

Food. Where do I begin? God though I would be a perfect fit for throw ups and reflux. You and your sister have given me a puke tolerance like no other. The other day, a lady told me just to go pick out any shirt because I was covered in puke. You were laughing though. We are about to try some reflux medicine for three weeks.

Your weight is 19 1/2 pounds and your finally 27 1/2 inches long. You look closer to 22 pounds for sure and are smaller than HG was at this age. You can wear clothes from 9 m to 24 m depending on brand.

God made you perfect, so perfect. We love our Harper love!!

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  1. Oh, I LOVED both of these posts to your sweet baby girls. They grow so fast don't they?! I'm starting to enjoy each phase more and more though! I used to think I wanted Boyd to be an infant forever. ha.

    You have 2 precious girls. They are sweet as pie.