Friday, July 20, 2012

HG four

Oh HG.
Oh my mini me.
I still think you look a lot like your daddy.
And Grand-mommy.
But as you get older, goodness I see me.
You are by far the funniest little girl I have ever met.
SO much attitude.
SO much drama queen.
But you love snuggle time still.
Please don't ever loose that, even if it happens at 5am.
You love your friends and family so much for a little girl of four.
Always worried about each one.
Unless of course it is Harper and she is screaming.
I love how caring you are for all your friends.
I think we have Chef on our hands. You constantly want to cook. And I know why I craved sweets so bad when I was pregnant with you. You would make cookies and brownies all day long and eat them if I would let you.
You still don't eat PBJ's. Sweet heart, I hope you change that. :)

Freckles. Let's talk freckles. Angel kisses. They are too.freaking.cute. Oh goodness, I could just kiss each one.

You are the most precious gift God could ever give.

Favorite color at four is purple.
Favorite day is Taco Tuesday. Ha!
Favorite thing is Ariel and the princesses and IPad.
Favorite show is Doc McStuffins.
Favorite food is grilled chicken, brownies, asparagus, RANCH and Mac n cheese.

Your weight is 40-41 pounds depending on the day.
At your four year check up, you had to get four shots and Mommy wanted to cry with you. Shots are definitely harder when older. You were so nervous.
With weight, you are in the 80th percentile and over 90th percentile for height (41inches). You are only two pounds heavier than last July but Dr Knapp said that was normal.

Mommy, Daddy and Harper love toy to the moon and back!

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