Friday, July 27, 2012

Banana Pudding overload

As I type this blog, i just managed to finish my third bowl of banana pudding. 

The dairy of course kills my belly but it is oh so yummy.
I do it pretty simple.
Lots of bananas, Nilla Waffers, Whipped Cream, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla pudding.
Make pudding, add the can of condensed milk and half of whipped cream.
Stir well.
Layer the Nilla waffers, bananas and pudding mixture.
Set in fridge over night.
Or as long as you can stand it.
This was us trying on jeans today.
Girl only has on pair of jeans for our up coming trip to much cooler temps.
HG had some paint time toda.
Yeah, that only lasted a short bit and then she was bored.
So that was when we made the banana pudding.
I lock them both in there.
Lunch dates today.
Baby Harper slept the entire time.
Naked babies in the yard.
What is left of my third bowl.
PLaying with the mac n cheese rather than eating it.
HG made mac n cheese for dinner tonight with her chicken and celery.
Finger painting outside.

We are heading into what we hope is a low key weekend.
Next week is a big week for us.
Travels, surgery, family in town.
We really need to move plastic containers into the attic garage but it will be 104 tomorrow and 106 Sunday.
Goodness, that is hot even thinking about it.

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