Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Conner Prairie

While the husbands parents were visiting us here on Indiana, we decided to visit Conner Prairie. We've been wanting to visit this place and really wanted them to do something fun while in town. The Children's museum and Zoo were packed due to Fall break and Halloween events, let's not even get started on the germs this time of the year. Conner Prairie is part of the Smithsoian museum system, super close and outdoors. With the amazing weather, a rare treat this time of year, the husband and I felt it would be a perfect spot. We were pleasantly surprised at an indoor play area that was uncrowded and full of crafts as well as the size of Conner Prairie itself. We had no idea this place was enormous. Huge. The girls ran and ran, already eager to visit again.  Sadly, the outdoor part is closed until spring.

Wait, did I mention we all went up in the balloon? Seriously! The fall was breath taking up there and we were teetered down at all times.  The girls are still talking about being high in the sky.

What kid doesn't love a petting area?

Huddy buddy is weighing in around 24 pounds only giving a bit longer in this. Honestly, we don't use it much except at times like this when it is really needed.  I actually haven't been able to use it in over a week after badly hurting my bad and needing a steroid shot.

They are freezing you incase you were wondering. Yep, freezing you from a hot air balloon. I mean Elsa has all kinds of powers right?

Dog ride.

She is such a little chef.

We are so glad we visited Conner Prairie before they close the outside in November. The husband and I ended up buying a membership that covers us and two guests each time we go. So all the visitors who come up next Spring and Summer will have a chance to visit. Also, this is the most incredible place for pictures.  I will be incredibly thankful for this indoor play area in a couple of months if it remains uncrowded.

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