Thursday, March 19, 2015

Show & Tell

How is it Thursday already? It seems like it was just Sunday. As I sit here recalling our week, it has been fast and furious. Big  couple of weeks but we'll touch on that more later. 

Every Friday is show and tell in Kindergarten here. HG picks out various things to take and show to her friends. Sometimes it is cuddly bear, something they have all seen a million times, and sometimes it is extra special. Like last Friday, she loaded up my cell phone in her back pack and headed to school. I had no idea. I looked for it for 4 1/2 hours before checking my email learning about my cell spending a day in Kindergarten. I'm just thankful I decided to get on an actual computer, this is something I rarely have time for. I greeted the school office with a comment about my phone and all ladies enjoyed a good laugh.  Oh to have a school age kid now and the things they learn.
Harper is really into dressing herself

Last week we decided to pull out all the Spring and Summer items since we won't have another chance until after April 17th.  We might need a few items before then......Even though we are going to have some cold days before then!

Hailey Grace and Faith have been mailing items back and forth.  So cute and I am glad they are learning the importance of writing rather than internet stuff.

School was delayed due to fog one morning.  This was some serious fog.

HG had a terrible pop tart for breakfast one morning she can't do sweets early and then had to stay home from being sick because of it.  An hour later, she was back to her crazy self.  It also happened with hot chocolate recently but I sent her on to school.

One of his very favorite meals, slow cooker turkey chili.

We had a couple of beautiful days.
Oh HG.

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