Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sweet Hailey Grace

HG has turned into the sweetest girl lately. After battling a brutal stomach virus, loosing 6 pounds, not eating for 4 days, her sweetness is back at school. She is ever so sweet with her friends and teachers at school, always being praised when I am up there. She is the first to jump up and help anyone.  Friends send colored pictures home with her with I love Hailey Grace all over them. It really makes our heart so happy that she is such a helpful delight around her peers.
Their goal in Kindergarten is to read at level C in our district. Smart girl is reading daily at E, many F's and working into G's. This is huge up here, so many kids still struggle on level C. I smiled and said that all the reading I make her do is paying off. She reads to us daily and the change from August until now is huge. From 6 to 6.5, she has matured so much. She gets things now and understands why on so many simple things that just doesn't click for younger kids.  Those of you with kids close to her age understand what I mean. She gets it. Even if she doesn't like it, she gets it.

But then, everyonce in a while she gets her feelings hurt. Bad hurt. I hate this part of life.  Poor girl couldn't eat, couldn't sleep and could only think about someone being mad at her. My heart broke for her seeing her struggle. I wanted to fix it. I wanted to make it all better. Instead, I hugged her and assured her she was lovely.  No mattered what happened while she was absent, it will be okay. We prayed for the friendship last night.

She was made fun of on the bus, whispered about, someone tried to get others to talk about her and not be her friend. Then the little one refused to let her play after school in a mean way.  Sadly, all totally normal kid stuff. I see it up here more than I ever did in the South.   But it broke her heart. She crumbled. It was seriously so heart crumbling to watch.  It is the second time it happened.  I assured HG that in a day or two, it will pass and she will be best buds again wanting to play. Isn't is heart breaking that kids have to go through this part of life at all?

Why must females be so mean at times?Maybe it is just the female make up.  It is always the last ones you expect too. We learned the hard heart breaking way this past year. 

Poor girl is learning a lot about life, friendships and surviving right now. All these ups and downs will help mold her into the amazing woman she will be one day........hopefully living in sunshine she said!

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