Monday, March 2, 2015

13 months

Oh sweet Hudson has hit 13 months.  It seems that overnight he went from being a cuddly little baby to a beast of a toddler.  He walks runs at top speed all over the place.  It is crazy how much you chase little one year olds. 

Hudson talks, he talks a lot. Even more so than last month. His new word this month is kiss. Not kiss like you are thinking but more along the lines of Chris.  I was yelling for Chris one day and Hudson instantly picked it up.  The girls laughed so now he loves saying it.  Hudson also loves saying this. 

Sleep is going so much better. We are still signed up for a sleep study just in case but we're hoping to be able to cancel it. A typical night is 7:00-5:45.  He is soaked by then so I change his diaper and clothes if needed then put him back in the crib. I had him a thing of milk and a few toys.  Sometimes he will go back to sleep and others he will sit in there and play until 7:15. I rarely get him out of the crib before 7.  A little different than his 12th month but a whole world of difference from his 11th month. While I would love him to sleep until 8, our house is typically loud and going full force by 8.  The girls are downstairs eating, watching for the bus while the husband and I are dressing for the day.  
This might have gotten stuck on him........

You love your sisters.

You love to make messes.
BIG BIG BIG messes.

You love music and to dance.

And you put up with your sisters and their friends playing dress up.

We joke that you might be a janitor one day.  you love to clean. 

Our mornings were spent at gymnastics for many months. It is so nice to just be up there for an hour now.  You do not enjoy waiting around for an hour.

Happy 13 month sweet Hudson

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