Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend wrap up

We had friends come and play today for five hours. It was so nice outside but since Hudson is still pulling on an ear and coughing a little, we decided to stay inside. He is much better, slept 6:45-6 over night but still wheezing some and on breathing treatments.  The rest of the week looks great so hopefully we can get out to play a bit.
The husband arrived back in town this week just long enough to repack a bag and head down to Texas.  We are eager to have him back in town for a bit after traveling the last three weeks.

It was 50 in the garage so we road bikes in there.

Hudson is having lemon sorbet while the girls have ice cream. The egg in the ice cream causes hives and of course I did not have his epi pen since the ice cream date was unplanned.

Hudson went to Harper's beauty shop.

These girls were grounded Saturday.
Such a big boy.

We've looked and looked at houses but making an offer this week. Wish us luck. Indiana isn't our ideal location to live since the husband still travels.  We are making the best of it and looking forward to our own house again. .

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  1. Good luck on the houses, and I hope you are all well soon. Seems like it's been such a hard winter for being sick! Love these pictures here. Hudson in the hair bow makes me smile.
    ps. Thank you and the girls SO much for the adorable get well notes/cards. Seriously the cutest thing ever, and you made my day. You all are the sweetest. We sure do miss you! xo