Thursday, June 4, 2015

End of school

Last day of school was last Friday after a couple of make up days. I didn't mange to get a good picture before school but managed a few after.  Why the fallen hair.
Hudson, Harper and I spent a lot of the last day in Hailey's class helping out. It was a lot of fun, harper fit right in with the 
Nothing like leaving on your last day of school for a quick doctor appointment coming out being treated for strep and ear infections. HG's class has been dealing with strep and a horrible cough the last month. On Friday, I would guess that most were coughing and wiping noses. It is that time of year for allergies but thankful when we left the dr, hudson and HG were both on antibiotics, HG on two. What a way to end the year. 
My she has grown a lot this last year. Of course in height and size but maturity the most.
We loved our teacher,  God definitely knew we needed her for this big transition the last 11 months. 

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