Thursday, June 4, 2015

Early June

The count down is on to us moving into our new house. Not exactly sure out close date, we've been given 3 dates by 3 different people, but know it will close by 6/22. We're thrilled to not be renting, incredibly sad to be leaving such an awesome neighborhood and also dreading the whole moving/packing with kids. I'll have to start packing one day soon I guess. 

For now, we're playing tons.
Calling Poppy on every phone.
Played at the mall last weekend, super big ttead.

Then headed to Build A Bear. It was end of school and early bday for  HG. Our time in Texas is so full, it was nice to have one thing marked off her list already.

Of course, the lady put noise in each one and that added an extra $14. Sheesh. We've done BAB a few times and must say we hit our top dollar this time. I almost passed out.
They loved it and it was part of HG's Bday so I guess it makes it a little more okay.

This is Bob Elsa Harper Elizabeth Bell. Big name for a small thing.

After the mall, a quick stop into Target turned into a looooooong one. A really bad storm blew into town and we weren't allowed to leave the building. No worries, harper made friends with everyone.

As we were leaving for Rascall Flatts on Saturday, there were quite a few rotation clouds. We debated on evening going since outdoors. Thankfully, we dodged any tornados and just had tons of rain. We were pretty wet as you can imagine when watching the concert. 

Sunday was make up day.
She's a beauty.
Monday evening was HG's end of school Girl Scout party with her troop. While it was loads of fun, we froze playing Putt putt. HG will remain in this troop even though she is changing districts.
She and Gracie are two peas in a pod.

Oh sweet Harper.
She began food AND speech therapy. She loved the first day, let's see if she continues to love it. 
Target popcorn anyone?
Dining for worms and roly polys in my freshly done mulch.
This kid and his guac.
Hudson had his first experience with a fly swatter. Oh my, he thought that was hilarious. 

Poor Harper was so exhausted yesterday after her bath, she fell asleep like it. We played hard and it was a little later than her normal bedtime. First week of summer and bedtimes aren't pushed back fully yet.😔
He is still climbing.....
This morning, we headed to Conner Prairie to play. When we arrived, HG was shoeless. Such a bummer. 😡 We had to go home, get shoes and head back to CP. That costs us about an hour so we ended up having lunch out there and much to our surprise, it was good.
The girls loved doing the crafts. 90 minutes of it.

Hudson ended up eating HG's meal and she his. Then he finished off the rest of her food which was originally his. 
Beautiful HG selfies. Love finding these.

Being silly.
Oh hudson, you are a trooper....even with snot!
Harper and I started a project a few days ago together. HG has joined in the fun and we hope it turns out beautiful.
We began by sanding my old college headboard. This sucker is HEAVY. Oh my, incredibly heavy. We will fasten to wall.
Then we began painting with exterior paint in Cooled Blue, a turquoise color. We've done 3 coats on one side and started on the other side tonight. It is looking great. If for some reason we finish and it doesn't look awesome, we're totally okay with that. I had planned on selling it and putting the money towards a new bed for Harper anyway so it just gives us a little quality time together.....if painting furniture can be that.

Tomorrow starts the weekend and we're hoping to track down the husband for a little quality time. 

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