Monday, August 3, 2015

Hailey Grace turns 7 and 1st day of School

We are back home from our 15 day adventure to the South and arrived just in time for school to begin.  If I said we weren't exhausted, I'd be lying. While we love our trips back to the South, it is a lot of work and exhausting.  It is in no way a vacation for adults.  We enjoyed our time with friends and family but so excited for a week at home.  A week not moving in or unpacking.  This is the first week at home for us just living. 

Hailey Grace recently turned SEVEN years old. 

And she started the FIRST GRADE!!
Hudson and Harper even saw her classroom today after I walked half a mile with them in tow AND HG's school supplies. Her new school is super nice and most of the teachers were very friendly today.  We did not like her seat so hoping that changes very soon.

 First day of School

 HG's personality shows through in her laughter.
 Poor gal only slept a couple of hours last night.  

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