Friday, August 7, 2015

Texas bound!

 We left for a long trip down to Texas on July 16. The drive is terribly long and if you've traveled great distances in the car with kids then you know all the hiccups you can hit. Our trip down began later than we had hoped so spending the night at a Homewood Suites in Joplin was the first stop. We knew we'd have plenty of room and a delicious breakfast. By the time we arrived, checked in, unloaded the basics, and climbed it was 2 in the morning. Thanks fully Hudson didn't budge again until 7 and then fell back asleep until 8. That is central time so it felt like 9 to him.
The house was spotless except I only made half the bed in the Master. Not sure why. I love coming home to a clean house.

Hudson was having a dance party when we arrived at the hotel.
As soon as we loaded up the following day, we headed to Fayetteville to spend the day. 
We were spending the day with Aunt Tonia and Mia. It had been since Easter and we were ready to hug their neck. We always love every minute of our visits. From playing to CEC and swimming, the girls were terribly sad to leave.
Tunnels always excite the kiddos.
See, always lots of fun at Aunt Tonias.
Yep, we fed him KFC. He hadn't eaten much the last 48 hours but thankfully he dug in.  Our options were quite limited in the small towns we drove through. 
Our favorite picture from the visit.  Family and friends have Blessed our lives.

Love the way he was looking up to her.

We arrived to DFW late and walked into an unclean room. It seemed as if it was one hiccup after another but thankfully we all survived. The kids had a packed schedule the entire time we were in DFW but enjoyed every minute of it. Mom and dad needed a vacation from the kids vacation. 

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