Thursday, August 27, 2015

Little Gym Birthday Party

We had a small birthday party for HG at Little Gym while we were in Texas.  We love this place. 

The first 45 minutes of the parties there are the best. They run, dance, do gymnastics, parachute, bubbles, etc.  

Hudson was loving every minute of of.  

Keller and Hudson will be great buddies. 

Little Khloe was loving it as much as Hudson. 

Big Birthday gal!

Blessed with so many friends and family.

Kensley was one of HG's very first friends, I love that they can pick up where they left off.  Friends like that are so special! Who knows, they might be college roommates one day.

These two are such a mess, it sure is a good thing they are adorable.

HG had her very first birthday party at Little Gym in Southlake. Crazy that she also had her 7th Birthday there while we are living in Indiana.  Thank you to all those who could make it, you made is so incredibly special to her.

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