Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Swim lessons, Pre Op and HOT weather.

I should be asleep.
I should have been asleep 3 hours ago.
Harper was up each hour, every hour from midnight until 7 last night.
Just when I thought we were all finally sleeping good, the alarm sounded for swim lessons.

We ran from swim lessons back home to visit with Auntie Collins before she headed home. Hailey Grace has been so sad after she left. I think she wants her to live in 'Poppy's room downstairs'.

Next up was Harper's pre op appointment. Things went smoothly and we talked about exactly what would he happening and how. I had already spoken with hospital about the game plan and what she needed to do. Then I got a late night phone call about her general and how she needed Afrin before bed and again on way to hospital. Afrin, for a baby and it had to be regular adult Afrin. Apparently it helps restrict blood vessels in the sinus area. We will see in a few short hours. You see, we are scheduled to be at hospital in less than 5 hours. As with any parents, worry and stress really sets in the night before. Harper will be intubated for the surgery. This being something we had no idea about until I was pumping gas and thinking about my pillow. The doctor assured me she would be asleep before that happened or before they put the IV in place. Still, it is hard not to worry. There are a million what ifs. No parent wants to see a child hurting, especially their own.

With all the worry going on, I kept a smile and had to face the rest of the day. The girls and I made a quick stop by to see Toni and the girls. Toni is just the sweetest thing ever and HG worships the twins. The car the girls are riding in is an early Birthday present for Harper. I assure you that both girls are madly in love with it.

Big girl hair trim and pizza rounded out our late afternoon. HG scarfed down four pieces and two brownies. Growing girl! She was so incredibly nervous about her hair cut and did so well. I was a proud Momma.

She is staying over at the Bells in Irving tonight for the surgery in the morning. HG was looking forward to being alone over there. We enjoyed playing there a bit and visiting with my brother in law's dog. Harper was going nuts over him, she is dog crazy and he was good with her. Camo, our lab, will be back in less than a month but I assure you he won't be gentle. Still less than a year, skinny and hyper, that sounds like a lot of scratches and nibbles to me. Rumor has it that he may be heading back to school after his first hunt for another couple of months.

Besides surgery tomorrow, my brother, sister in law, niece and dad are all heading to DFW tomorrow. It will be a few fun filled days starting Thursday if Harper is content and not in a lot of pain. I see Popsicles and hugs in her future.

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