Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cooler weather & strep

Monday greeted us with Strep.
Around 2:30, HG told me her ear hurt and she was crying.
Too late to get to Doctor so i planned on this awesome Urgent Care for kids down the street.
An hour later, she mentioned her throat hurt.
i guessed allergies.
Her strep test turned very positive.
She too had double ear infections.
And eye infections.
My throat had hurt so bad on Thursday and Friday of last week.
i actually had an appointment on Friday morning that i canceled to take Harper to doctor.
Care Now to the rescue.
Yep, strep too.
We are not contagious after 24 hours on meds but we're giving it a bit longer.
Good thing for Harper, she is on a lot of meds and strep in her age is so uncommon.
i feel SO much better than i did last week but poor HG was really rough last night.
Today, holy hell has broken loose.
We have all been cooped up for too long.
With all this time being cooped up, we really haven't accomplished much.
No packing, house is pretty much clean, each morning we wash everything in site.

Harper and her big girl seat.
She was very focused on sitting a chair.

Prior to the booster.

Walls and corners have a funny way of jumping out.

Big, HUGE, a task hopefully accomplished.

Her straps are too short, couldn't remember which one she was at until this picture.
Her toe, it is on her molar.

Whoa Nelly!

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