Monday, April 15, 2013

Nos & Sprinklers

Everything is no with Harper lately. Six months of shaking her head no has now turned into saying no. I remember this exact phase with HG but she said it just to say it. I would mention the sun was out and Hg would say no. Or asked if she wanted dinner and she would say no but then cry because she really meant yes. Harper on the other hand, she means it when that little body lets out a power NO.

The husband is working in town the next few days and I think everyone has a to do list for him. Houses to be found, work to be done, preparing for a major food show, house hold stuff he we have been neglecting, the list goes on. Regardless, we always sleep better knowing he is downstairs working and wish he never traveled. :)

Harper cried today at swim for the first time ever. We've whined or fussed but this was all out hysterical cries. The whole group grasped and Mrs Julie was crushed. Harper loves Mrs Julie and loves swim. Not sure what was going on this morning except we went from two 2 year molars to four trying to come in. Ugh. Poor girl. If you remember your wisdom teeth, that is what I imagine molars feeling like. No thank you! Food has not been on her mind, a little milk and a bite or two of waffle. The teething rings don't fit nicely back there and she gags herself on wash cloths. Her teething item of choice is now a baby tooth brush. When she is not walking of course.

With this warm weather, we've been singing schools out for summer. Yep, just a little early but how much fun have we been having? Loads.

Keller Crawfish Festival 2013

Our summer might have started a little early.
Oh that water was oh so cold.

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