Saturday, April 27, 2013

Things lately

Feels great for us to be out of the house and not contagious at all.
i gave us a little extra time before we headed out so we weren't spreading yuckiness.
Target of course was our first stop.
The husband came home on thursday after being gone 6 days.
Oh we missed him.
Poppy and Danielle came out for a visit as well this week.
The girls wait by the front door for 2 1/2 hours.
2 1/2 hours of asking when they will be here.

These girls melt my heart, even on the rough days.

No, we aren't potty training but she is obsessed.
Don't we all talk on the cell on the potty.
Keep all bathroom doors shut when we come over.
 Me: No, we aren't playing with play doh girls.
Harper: Throws herself on the ground.
i come around the corner to this.

She needs gymnastics stat.

Silly string mommy.

Crib wrap, best thing ever.

Back pack backpack.
She is ready for school until i walk out of the room.
four months.
Happy Weekend.

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