Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pink ponies & windy games

Saturday morning soccer pictures and double header greeted us with much cooler temps this morning. While we enjoyed the temperature drop, the wind was brutal for 3 hours on the field. Huddled next to Harper in jackets and a blanket, we cheered Hailey Grace's team on. Lucky for HG, I put on extra layers to keep her warm and not make her bronchitis worse. Yep, fighting bronchitis now but thankfully she isn't contagious anymore.

After soccer, we drove thru Chick Fil A and then headed to our sweet friend's 3rd birthday celebration. A pink pony is every little girl's dream! Stephanie and Meghan always do the best celebrations. Such a fun afternoon.

Both girls are sound asleep so the husband and I are hoping to watch a movie and play catch up from the last 9 days. Lots of fun things to blog out though.

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  1. I can imagine that they loved that pink pony. How fun! It was cool yesterday! I had to wear a sweater while I let Boyd have a little time outside, after being sick all week. I thought I could brave the weather but I was chilly! I bet soccer was extra cold. Hope you guys have a good week! xo