Thursday, October 17, 2013

State Fair of Texas

Hailey Grace has been waiting for the fair and Big Tex since last October.
Main Street days, which we LOVE, was just a jump on asking when the real fair would open.
I think the husband and I are totally okay with taking the kids to Main Street Days and skipping the fair.
We're really not into breaking hearts though.
Harper of course wants anything and everything Hailey Grace wants so she was eager for it to arrive.
Turkey legs, funnel cakes, corn dogs, cotton candy and lemonade.

Heading out to the fair before the temps rose.

Goofy kids in the double stroller they HATE.

Writing Big Tex letters.

HG really likes Big Tex.

Who doesn't love farm animals?

Farmer Harper and Hailey Grace

This was so neat.

Fletcher's Corn Dog and a super large pickle

Harper's first ride alone.
Be still my heart.

She was going nuts on the horn.
This ride was FAST.

What a cutie!
Our sweet family

Such a big girl
She had been waiting all year for a picture with the new Big Tex.

The husband's cell is pretty blurry but they were roping.
Back to the farm animals.

Ten minutes into the fair, Brobee was lost.
Those who are around Harper know she isn't ever without him.
We have no idea how she even found out about him.
Regardless, we were in a panic.
She finally made progress at school and I was terrified of dropping her off without him.
Of course, she crashed once we changed out of fair clothes and allowed us to look for Brobee.
After dark and after most placed have close.
With just a few minutes left until I fully gave out, fourth store, we decided to try CVS.
So not only were we all cheering, I am sure some other kid was loving on the Brobee they scored from the fair.

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  1. I'm glad you found another Brobee. We've lost similar things, and it put me in a full blown panic. LOVE all of your state fair pictures. I haven't been in years, but I'd like to go again. The family shots are really good. You should frame one of those! And, I love HG's love for Big Tex. :)