Sunday, October 27, 2013

Texarkana baby shower

Friday, we headed to East Texas for Hudson's baby shower.  The husband came along because he knew it would be a super quick trip and that just possibly I might need some help. We left right after the girls were recorded again, this time for their underwater swimming, and arrived just in time for Copper's vet appointment.  Copper, will be 13 1/2 on November 20th and got a great report.  He has issues with his hip and leg after being hit but health wise, there is no reason to think the end of his life is near.

I did not take a single picture of the baby shower in Texarkana. Unfortunately, I did not realize this until an hour after the shower was over. I am blaming the unexpected weather, two little girls running around and hugging necks of the guests. Once I track down a few pictures, I will be sure to share. Shame shame on me!

My friend Brooke headed up a beautiful shower with a handful of other hosts Saturday afternoon. It was held at Pam's house and her house is most definitely on our dream house list. Every little detail is so unique and has views of the pastures in the bottoms for miles. Brooke matched the invitations to Hudson's bedding which I thought was just perfect. While the weather (crazy rain and low 50's), multiple fall festival and Halloween parties kept the shower small, it was a beautiful event. Hudson was given so many amazing things and the girls just loved ripping through the packages. The boy is already spoiled for sure. :)  Sweet Sheila even surprised the girls with new dolls sporting Holiday colors. The dolls, they are amazing!

Hostess favors were a large really nice candle, a set of Fall hand towels for the kitchen and a reusable Halloween bag.

The hosts had a super sweet person paint this to put on the table at the shower and Hudson's nursery.
We are totally 
in love.

A neat gift from my dad and Danielle. Amish furniture is amazing.
ing comes apart, folds or collapses.With an easy flip, it goes from high chair to horse rocker to desk.

The weekend wore her out.

Baptism outfit for Hudson

Harper kept saying hello, how are you today to the skeleton.

Such a hoot.

Some of the items for Hudson from sweet friends.
Aunt Tonia's surprised us with a new double stroller as well, so excited!

Too cute for words.
These melted my heart at first sight.

Friends and family were so thoughtful and loving this weekend, we are incredibly lucky.
Hudson is so incredibly lucky so be loved so much already.

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  1. LOVE the fact that you had a wonderful baby shower for Hudson! That painted plaque is so cute and will look so neat in his nursery. I still can't believe you are having a little boy! :)