Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend of Soccer

The majority of our weekend was spent around soccer having it Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Good thing though because Hailey Grace loves it and we enjoy hanging out with the other families.
Friday evening was practice followed by an early game Saturday in 40 degrees. Harper even wore her fleece snow suit and still said she was cold. :/ trophies were given out after this game so most kids were eager to get their hands on them. Sunday after Mass and nap time, we had the soccer party at ASI gymnastics in Keller. This place is SO much fun! Harper is a natural for sure and HG was testing the ropes. She is still trying to decide if sports, swimming or cheer leading/gymnastics is her calling. We tell her that she has plenty of time to decide.

Speaking of swim, both girls were recorded on Friday for training of the staff. I can't wait to see the videos, both are such a natural at this sport. We are actually getting our suits on for our Monday lesson. :)

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