Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thunder snow & ear aches

I love thunder snow or thunder sleet here in Texas. It seems so a magical to me even if it was really ice coming down rather than snow. It still brings back many memories from living in Colorado. We got to get our feel this week which caused the husband's flight to be canceled stranding him here this week.  The extra help was nice with Harper dealing with ear troubles.
I am finally jumping on the band wagon for leggings. So easy yet still cute. Boots and leggings will be quick fixes next fall, in the cold, while getting HG to kindergarten on time. We aren't bus people.
He could hear the airplanes over the inlaws house but couldn't figure them out . His first trip to the grandparents and they weren't there!
Lots of firsts.
His first trip, quick trip I must add, to Costco.
Baby burrito.

Throwing duces.
Maybe getting sleepy.
Yep, out.
Spring soccer has started again.
Friday evenings and Saturdays until lunch will be spent on the fields through early May.
HG loves it so it makes us love it too.
So much for tummy time.
Hudson has rolled twice, I missed both times. HG and the husband caught the second one in action.
I've wanted these boots for a while and when they showed up on Zulily recently, I was thrilled. It was a belated birthday gift from the husband.
An adorable one month picture I didn't post earlier.
Trying out his crib for a bit.
Donuts and milk.
If you know Harper then you know it is white milk. Someone asked her if she was drinking coffee while we were getting our Starbucks. She let them know that she was two and only drinks white milk.
Oh Harper love.
Everyone wears boots in their birthday suits it?
Saturday weather was so fun.
Uncle Ryan and Aunt Isabelle mailed the kids some gifts over the weekend. Everything was a hit and we have been playing school ever since. This was such a neat and fun gift.
Harper in one of her many outfits on Saturday.
Love muffin
See, Harper in another outfit on Saturday enjoying being able to play outside for more than 5 or 10 minutes.

We had no idea Harper was going to do this. I was taking a picture of HG and Harper was standing next to her. I'm tellin you all, Harper is a hoot.
With Harper's surgery on Friday and us having to stay in, I bet we finally put this bad boy to use.
Even leaving the lid open, you can smell the aroma.

I can't tell you how happy this girl was to play outside in warm weather.

We always have tons of chalk and bubbles.

Of course Camo enjoyed us.
This is right before Camo threw Harper.

Harper tried to take Furby from HG , they wrestled and Harper lost a battle with the glass coffee table. That glass is SO hard and thick.
Crazy Texas weather.
Crazy I tell you. 
A total temperature change of 70 degrees or so. 81 high Saturday to 19 low this morning.
There will be lots of sick people this week I reckon.
Baby girl had to go in yesterday, double ear infections. We knew a few days earlier but hoping it would clear with drops and Tylenol or Advil. No such luck. After a contest to see who could get up the most Saturday into Sunday, I gave in and we were done with dr by 9:15. I love the Pedi Urgent care just a mile or so away. Strong antibiotics to kick it quickly we hope so she can get some sleep before her surgery early Friday.
Drying her shirt . Silly girl.
We just added a fire place to our list of desires or items we would like to have in Indy. Always a plus to get these options.
I know everyone us jealous of the shoes Harper decided on for pool, beach and yard this summer. We must put the pink sparkle uggs up soon and her pink hello kitty rain boots will soon follow. I remember HG's boot stage, they were green frogs. Every day.

love this

poor Hudson

These make my heart skip a beat.
Precious tiny toms

Harper scored some brand new Stride Rite shoes for $9.99.
I seriously love this brand.

Lunch dates with the husband since iced in DFW and snowed out of Kentucky.
Coffee dates with sweet friends.
Baby Gap enough said.

Baby burrito in the sling.
He yelled for 2 hours Tuesday night and again last night.
I threw him in here, less than a couple of minutes he was out.

We had our own celebration with a King cake.
HG got the baby at home while her friend Nathaniel found it at school.

Hudson was called a porker yesterday.
I bet you can't guess what the girls are calling him now.
I just realized that this was published thanks to Harper.  She can get though my phone in no time. 
Tomorrow is Harper's sinus surgery and 3rd set of tubes.  Right now, the tonsils are not coming out but you never know once in there. Prayers greatly appreciated for our precious little one.  She is on lock down right now from school  to help prevent catching a fever,she is  incredibly cranky from ears, says she doesn't feel well in her head (headache), and not sleeping.  She will be in the surgery room for an hour and fifteen minutes if all goes well, longer if they run into any issues.  While she tolerates being put to sleep with gas very well, the general anesthesia always does a number on her.  Breaks my heart into when she is coming to. Sinee she may or may not eat over the weekend, lunch is her choice today.  We are hoping all the pressure in her face and head is gone even with the swelling but with her tonsils so large and a breathing tube in place, her throat will be sore for a days.

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