Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2 months

Sweet Hudson is 2 months old.
Slow down my love.
Being the last baby, I want time to stand still much longer. 
I never want to forget the baby smell.
The first smiles and roll overs.
I tear up just thinking about it.
He is such a pleasant and happy baby except during those rough colic nights.

He felt super crummy yesterday but was still sporting some smiles.

While we headed in this morning for his 2 month well check up, we knew it was actually going to be a sick visit once our doctor saw us. She was pretty concerned at him just feeling down right miserable. Hudson is always pleasant  during the day and he pretty much cried the entire hour we were there.  He has a right ear infection, snuffy nose (sinus infection from ear fluid and big sister Harper but more on her later), a cough from drainage and his first true fever. It has been 100.3 taken in the bottom before but we don't count that as a fever when taken in there.  Little guy was given his first dose of Tylenol and antibiotic. He felt down right miserable. No shots were given today at his check up due to his fever and not feeling well. Our kids and their ears! My sister and I still get ear aches so they might just out if luck. Lucky for him, he should be feeling much better in a day or two when the ear pain lessens. After his dose of Tylenol, he has pretty much slept all afternoon and hasn't wanted to nurse. Catching up from sleepless nights. 

After the doctor, he got in super comfy clothing and lounged. I might have had a hard time zipping it up due to his length.  Since not feeling well he only gained 1 ounce in 10 days. He has had no interest in eating, runny diapers thanks to drainage and has been spitting up more than usual due to the drainage. So what has been going in has been coming back out. The husband and I know he will be back to his bubbly, chubby self in no time though. 
Hudson, you are just below 14 pounds naked without a diaper.  Blowing bubbles, smiles and being held are your favorites. Hailey and Harper worship you and don't like being more than a foot or two away from you. While you can still fit into a couple of your 3 month sleepers, the majority of items in your closet are 6 month. You will have big feet as we are flying through socks. Your eyes are still various shades of blue with gray shining through. Colic isn't very fun for you (or us) but we're managing it well now. You love your Aden & Anas blankets and swaddle. You hated the others, busting holes in more than one. Your legs move like your crawling and kick my belly when nursing in bed.  My incision was super sore for a week before we realized it was your kicking causing it. Bath time is one of your favorites and you pee as soon as your body hits the warm water. This causes the girls to scream and giggle. I can shake my cup of ice and you instantly begin talking. You love tiny bites of ice . We can not imagine our lives without you, forever Blessed and thankful for you. 

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