Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Red & green recovery

So much to blog about, so exhausted to think about blogging.  One night this week, Harper decided to stay up until 4 in the morning because she couldn't breathe and today, she was up at 5.  In two weeks, she has slept close to 12 hours once. Many nights, she has been up 3-4 times because she can't breathe. Sleep, I can't wait for you. 

This week has been challenging to say the least. Harper's sugery recovery, both girls had bronchitis and a sinus infection. HG had double ear infections too. The husband traveling. So thankful for my MIL getting HG yesterday once she was fever free for 24 hours and had a special time with her. 

A sinus infection after sinus surgery? Yes seriously. Her nose looked like Christmas. Green snot and lots of red blood.

Poor Hudson has been snotty and coughy as well. Yes , I know that isn't a word. Coughy.  He was much better this afternoon but then decided to scream 3 hours. A solid 3 hours. Finally, we got gas out. Wow. Wow. I think the whole bed vibrated. 

I sent this text to the husband as he boarded the plane home. We will all be asleep when he lands around midnight. I hope.   He would have freaked by the puke look a like. 

That would be band aides. Buy my kid those, she'll be your best friend. Seriously. 
Constant blood. 
She was so sweet Wednesday night while big sister was spending the night away. Amazing how awesome each can be alone but together, it is like a constant wrestling match. Constant.

Enjoying is warmer weather and looking forward to smoking various types of meat this Sunday.

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  1. Girl, you deserve to be exhausted! Whew. You've got a lot going on. Boyd is looking forward to seeing HG on Sunday at his party, but please do not feel pressure to come if you can't make it. You know we understand! And, I hope you got that Mexican food, and alone time in the bathroom! :)