Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Harper's recovery created a lot of sniffles for her and tons of blood filled green snot. 
This was much worse of a recovery than we could have imagined. I am incredibly thankful my ENT said we are not taking tonsils unless they look horrible, I like you too much. Thank you for allowing me to keep some of my sanity.  Super thankful my mom was here to help.

The breathing tube created bronchitis in Harper and a touch of a croupy cough on top if bronchitis at night. It wouldn't be fair for only one kid to get bronchitis right? She and HG both had it, sinus infections and HG double ears. Whew!
All are back to normal by now. I started this post on March 9 and have been running ever since. SO much to blog about.

Harper wasn't released on Monday like we had hoped. She can go back to school, baby sitter and normal activities but we still have to use caution. A lot of sniffles or coughs, we have to leave. Her poor tiny sinuses are still very swollen which isn't that unusual at this point. Our next appointment is on the afternoon of the 31st, hopefully miss priss will  be given two thumbs up on a successful sinus and balloon plasty surgery.

HG, Mia and I snuck out during Harper's nap and enjoyed a pedicure. HG of course went purple, I tried a gray called dolphin and Mia brought her own.

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  1. I am so very sorry that her recovery has been hard! :(
    Sending you a prayer!