Friday, March 7, 2014

Sinus surgery, 3rd tubes

Harper is resting next to me on the couch so I thought I would give a quick update. She finally fell asleep on Mia about 45 minutes ago and is getting some much needed rest. Her balance is still wayyyyyy off.

We are home and doing okay from surgeries today.  Harper was seeing the ENT and Pediatric Optimologist Specialist by 4 months old. We have tried everything. An unsuccessful eye stint surgery after countless tear duct probes, two sets of tubes, countless rounds of allergy medicines, antibiotics and breathing treatments. Everyone was at a loss of new ideas so our ENT said this was the nex step. A step that most kids and adults are much older than two years of age went going through. One we had fight our insurance company just to cover.   I hate sheltering her, not going over to people's houses because of various reasons, worrying about every cough or sniffle, keeping her home from school, etc. Even the thought of her sharing a cup with another person  scares the husband and I. 
We prepared at home before heading to the hospital. 
Waiting to go back to OR.
Precious little princess.
The giggle juice is working.

Baby girl is down right miserable right now. Her nose and ears are bleeding but she can't blow or push it. The Zofran and pain meds from surgery are wearing off so we started Advil and will give more Zofran tonight. She drank a little sprite but unfortunately, it didn't stay down. Her belly is full of blood and Ick from the surgery so naturally, it wants to come up. We will try more liquid later before trying a saltine or ritz cracker. 
Here she is snuggling with Mia before finally being able to take a nap.

Thank you for all the texts, emails and phone calls. I will get back to all of you.  We are really praying that once the swelling goes down and the bleeding stops, she will feel so much better. On the plus side, her tonsils looked good today and her adenoids hadn't grown back in a year.  Here's to hoping we are at the end of antibiotics, constant ear aches and chronic sinus infections.

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  1. Oh sweet princess. :( Definitely praying for you all!