Monday, August 29, 2011

What we have been up to......

We've had lots of cookies around here.
Lots is an understatement.

We have been having lots of fun around here.

HG's preschool starts tomorrow.

We only go 2 1/2 hours but it will be nice for her to get used to it again.

Cleaned out closets.

Goodness the room you can make getting rid of junk and taking the rest to storage.

I should have cleaned the house before starting any projects.

A few play times at Vista Ridge.

I'd rather shoot myself in the right foot than play on a Sunday again.

Cookies with icing always brighten a day.

Forgot I had ordered this bag before we knew Harper was on the way.

We had decided to go with the H letter either way since we still loved our little boy name.

Had my first taco salad from fuzzy's on Sunday after Mass.

Wow, that sucker is huge.

HG's idea of a great lunch.

Salsa, queso and rice.

Played with Poppy at the Galleria.

Dinner with him at Cheesecake.

Movies on the Ipad rock.

The ground temp is still VERY hot here in Texas.

Lunch and play times at Chicken Chicken. Ranger games.

A suite one evening so I actually got to go.

Everyone enjoyed the free beer/wine, I enjoyed the food.

Ice cream anyone?

HG's new taggie cat.


HG ate all the icing off and put the cookies back in the pantry.

When the little one was waking up Monday morning, she made me promise her something.

Something that made me laugh out loud.

Something that didn't shock the husband.

Mommy, you know when we move into my new big house with a play room?

Can I have a pink princess room.

Yes, I really need a beautiful pink princess room.

Sure baby, whatever you want as long as it isn't pepto bismol pink.

What is pepto bismol mom?

Last Monday night the little one mastered meatloaf.

Really you might ask?

She did.

I had the directions out where I could read them to her.

Then she would have to find the ingredients.

Examples are 1/3 measuring cup.

one egg.

She had fun and it was more like a scavenger hunt for her.

I helped out on chopping and sauteing the onions.

Oh and the raw meat.

I do believe I have a little chef on my hands. A too small ballerina tutu.

Of course some fried chicken.

When leaving Grandpa Whit's house recently, we thought there was one of many squirrels in a bush by the front door.

I had just mentioned to HG that she should count how many squirrels were in the yard.

Their yard is amazing.

HG was standing in front of us with Aunt Susie.

My dad and I in the middle and Grandpa Whit behind us.

Well this little squirrel jumped from the front bush (I'm talking directly next to us, inches away) to the one behind it.

Then it kept going.


That is a funny squirrel.

Then we saw it.

It was a 4 foot black snake.

Oh my goodness.

My heart skipped a beat.

My baby girls were so close to this evil thing.

So thankful it went the other way.

Someone was watching over us.

I'm sure it was a water moccasin due to their pond behind the house.

Then the Country Club has many ponds as well.

Grandpa Whit said that they come up there and wait for the door to open and then dart in.

Oh my goodness, I would be in total panic mood.

And my house wold constantly smell like moth balls aka snake away.


  1. I think HG just might be a little chef! :) How cute!

    OMG. The snake thing gave me chills. I'm gonna think about that all day and get the shivers. I bet you flipped out.

    You always make me crave Babe's. I've got to get back there soon.

    Have a good day!

  2. Hey there! (I had posted a few days ago and just now realized I did it on your OLD blog. LOL). Wanted to tell you you were one of the three winners on for the Mixed Bag Designs reusable bags and laptop sleeve ! Yaaay You!!! Since I don't have your email address I need you to send that my way so I can relay that to the company.

    Since I wasted precious time by commenting on the old blog time is of the essence ;-). Please let me hear from by Friday 9/3. Thanks a bunch and congrats !