Friday, August 12, 2011

Our past week

You are looking at UCLA's newest TA.

Uncle Ryan will be teaching a Chemistry class two days a week.

We are so proud of him.

Notice, he is living the hard life. :)

The beach.

He lives just off Santa Monica Beach.


I know I am.

Did I mention the high will be 77 tomorrow??

HG is prepping for the little one's arrival.

Not sure if knowing how to swaddle is a good or bad thing.HG is also really into cloth diapers lately.

These are two of the ones she picked out today that we ordered.

These will fit from about 8.8 pounds to 33 pounds.

And for $14.01 with shipping.

Great deal on great cloth diapers.We've had lots of laughs.Learning to kayak.Headed to Cabela's today and lunch at Babe's.We went to the bounce houses with Mrs. Toni, Claire and Olivia.We did a little finger painting.

And maybe some floor painting.Dinner with friends at Aspen Creek.

Bought a travel potty for $1.99 at IKEA.

I can't tell you how handy this thing will be.

Thursday morning was spent at The Ark in Coppell with Toni and the girls.

It was pretty warm.

Once leaving and heading to Wendy's, I couldn't believe my eyes.

89 degrees.

Yes, after lunch it was 89 degrees.

Don't worry, it didn't last long.

I've never been able to get HG to eat apple sauce.

She doesn't even really like apples.

Then I saw this.

Dora can get the girl to do anything.

While we haven't enjoyed a whole one yet, she is starting to like it.

She will tell me is tastes good but slimy

And that it will be perfect for her lunch box.

Making progress.

Baking cookies.

Lunch at IKEA.

Olivia wanted a fry.

HG doesn't share her fries.

Wonder where she gets that. HG playing with all the newborn prefolds.

Winnie the Pooh and Pork Chop are becoming great friends.

And car seat buddies.

HG and Kalli swam one day.

It was still hot even when in the pool.

We didn't last very long.

HG's cookies turned into a pizza pie as she was calling it.

Her dinner plate look so yucky next to it.

I think she mixed her ketchup and mustard together.

Or it looks that way.

Last Saturday, we spent some time at Bass Bro.

The little one would like a boat.

We've had a great seven days.

We've had a very busy seven days.

I have really enjoyed Toni living out this way.

Harper is just about 2 1/2 pounds.

She has fat cheeks.

Head down.

Measuring a head.

We know when she will be here.

If she makes it that long.

I'll share when it gets closer.

No, it won't be Halloween.

I made sure of that today.

I just couldn't take that away from HG, she loves that day.

Our weekend is full of family and friends.

A birthday party.


One not very thrilled doctor about me traveling.

Hugging a loved one's neck so tight that I will never forget what it feels like.


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  1. Love the painting picture! :))

    We were just at Cabela's too. Boyd LOVES that place. I can take it or leave it. haha.

    Congrats to your brother. That is way cool, and what a dream place to be going to school.