Saturday, August 20, 2011


We are still trying to recover around our house.

The husband and I are fighting off what HG has had.

She and I didn't make Mass yesterday morning due to her having a fever.

She is still hoarse.

We did venture out for lunch at Aspen Creek.

Then to Kid to Kid for some brand new play shoes and tutus.

Maybe a couple of sweaters and pants too.

Our living room might have remained like this for 3 days.

I finally cleaned it spotless and it has been that way for two days.

Preparing dinner while still in her pj's.

She loves to cook.


We've been making a lot of whole chickens around here.

$2.47 for the entire chicken.

We usually get 2 meals of out it.

Plus so easy for me to throw it in crockpot once the baby arrives.

HG made her own lunch the other day.

Or almost.

I handled the microwave.

Turkey dog, cheese, broccoli and tomatoes.

Sounds good to me.

We have plans to go to Legoland in the morning with friends.

I'm still debating it.

How much fun would that place be?

I hate that HG has a summer cold/allergies.

I don't want her to pass something on if she is still contagious.

But we are going stir crazy.

These summer colds are the pits.

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  1. My other friend Whitney S. invited us to Legoland a while back, but I declined. I didn't want to spend that much money yet. Maybe when Boyd is a bit older?? Did you guys wind up going?

    Most days my living room looks like that too. ha. I am happy with myself when I don't feel rushed to pick it up, although I get crazy about the mess too. :)