Monday, August 1, 2011

Picture wrap up

Just a look into our busy days.

The weekend went non-stop.

Monday and Tuesday were as well.

We've eaten more than our fair share of french fries.

We've had many laughs.

Great times.

Played at friends.

Played at play areas.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be a super lazy day.

Maybe one of those where it is mid afternoon and you are still in pajamas.

A warm shower, snuggling with mommy and the blow dryer.

She is sound asleep. Waiting on the husband who was inside running an errand.

119 degrees from the concrete.

Holy Cow!

First time to see a mouse.

Hopefully the last.


Riding around with Daddy.

Sweet Toni sent this for Miss Harper.

It is sooo soft.

HG has let her babies try it out.

Next, she tried it out.Looks beyond the mess.
The chair and ottoman also came from Toni.

We got a great price on it.

The chair pulls out into a twin bed.

We'll throw a slip cover on it and put it in the game room.

It is such a comfy chair.

Toni is so graciously letting us borrow so much for Miss Harper.

This swing will be perfect on the go.

We still have our tall swing but not sure if we can fit it here.

She also sent a car seat and extra base.

I love sweet friends.

Queen of the Castle.

A fun play date and lunch with Nicolle and Boyd this morning.

Monday after swim and lunch at Chicken Chicken, we headed back to Highland Park.

We had made that trip Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


We stopped by the condo to snap some pictures of it.

Monday HG participated in a boat safety class.

Isn't this lovely?

We bought it last minute on Sunday from Toni.

It is a Texas western look with a lot of class in it.

It is also A LOT taller and bigger than it looks.

I can't wait to move and decorate!!

Best dinner date.

Our bed.

Need I say more?

Our massive king bed (minus the actual sleigh bed) is back with us.

Sleep is Heavenly.

Blocking the sun for a super car sick sweetie.

This was me at a full 25 weeks.

She ski slope is in full action now.

We had been using a coffee table to house our TV.

It was much too low.

But not knowing where we land, we didn't know what entertainment center we wanted.

We did know that we were sick of HG sitting on the TV table.

And feeding her snow cones to the tv.

So we switched tables for now.

Don't worry, I busted her bubble and moved her quickly.

See the coffee table in the back?

It is in storage now.

Thank goodness!

Toni sent this home for Miss Harper.

HG thinks it is for her babies.

Pink, purple and white sheets were a must.

Poppy came over for a visit on Saturday evening.

He treated us to dinner on Saturday at Pappadeaux.

It was yummy.

HG had alligator for her first time.

She said yummy chicken.

Then Sunday morning, he treated us to lunch at Cheesecake Factory.

Two yummy meals in a row.

He also helped us move some furniture.

Thanks Poppy!

HG is always super excited when he comes.

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