Wednesday, August 31, 2011


HG napped twice today.



It was soooo nice.

She was a little sauna laying on my shoulder.

We did miss Lizzy's birthday party this afternoon.

The gift was at the door, we were due to leave in 15 minutes.

The tears started flowing.

Poor baby was just too exhausted to do anything else but nap.

It must have been all that peeing and pooping in the little potty today.

The little potty that the bottom was not attached.

I kept hearing the potty flush.

I assumed she was going in the real potty.

She does the majority of the time.

I had no idea she was going in the little pink potty in her bathroom.

No idea.

I went in there to wipe things down.

That is when I saw it.

Oh my goodness gracious alive.

The floor was flooded.

There was poop sitting on the floor.

I mean the cushion wasn't even in the potty so it had to hurt.

Oh goodness.

I just cried after my last two days.

I assure you that you can eat off my floor now.

Paper towels, wipes, spic n span wipes, regular towel, mopped 3 times.

That sucker is clean. Girl is hoopty hoop crazy.

She loves to hula hoop.

Loves it.

Tonight, we had a picnic on the kitchen floor.

We were packing her lunch for school and she started eating it.

I joined in.

She was so in love, it was one of the coolest things for her.

There might have been jelly all over my super clean floors.

Then mac n cheese might have dumped out on the carpet.

Oh well, we had a blast.

Sometimes it i just a pbj wrap kind of night.

Or 4 pbj wrap kind of night.

Found her tap shoes finally

And soccer

Okay so they aren't really soccer.

They will work for this year.

If she plays spring soccer, we'll get real ones.

I might have to do some searching on pink shiny ones though.

On our way to Meet the Teacher

HG picked out her outfit

Flip flops are of course a big no no at our school due to Movement and Music

(PE and music/dance)

Gwendolyn had to join us

She has 12 in her class

Two teachers

I think she will really like it

There are 5-6 of them that were in the same class last year

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  1. Picnics on a clean floor are always fun, and PB and J is always messy! :)) I hope today is better and I'm praying for you and baby Harper! xoxo.