Tuesday, August 16, 2011

East Texas

We've been out in East Texas since Sunday evening.
Visiting with family and seeing a few friends.
HG had her 3 year check up yesterday.
39 3/4 inches tall- 94% percentile.
35 lbs- 83% percentile.
Poor thing actually caught a little bug.
I thought it was just motion sickness at the dr.
Our sweet pedi got to see how she gets sick and feels much better.
So they tested her blood sugar (96!).
Baby girl was so brave.
Even after getting sick on daddy in the lab.
So brave.
Hopefully she is back to normal today.
Yesterday was probably the saddest we've ever seen her.
I'm talkin' all day long.
Finally ate a tiny amount at 7:30 last night.
She is however napping right now.
Up a bunch during the night.Miss Brooke gave her an H purse full of jewelry.
HG was over the moon for it.She got to play a bit at the mall.Movies on the ipad.
I'm not sure why she insists on taking the cover off her car seat while traveling.
Can we say static?Chasing the peacocks.Dinner with Family on Sunday.
Nothing like a munch of Mexican food while in town.
We eat, eat and eat more.Before we left town, we had a busy Saturday.
Lunch with Uncle Mark who HG just adores.
I just wish my cell phone was as fast as HG.

Then dinner at Shady Oaks out in N Fort Worth for Jim's birthday (the husband's dad).

It was a nice time and amazing bread.

I spent most of the evening keeping HG entertained.

I only left where we were sitting to go potty.

With 20+ people and her bedtime, it could have gotten ugly.

She did very well though.

She just had to wear her frog boots.

While out here in East Texas, we have had a nice time.

We always do.

My brother was in from Houston.

We eat a lot.

We play a lot.

Cristin, Joey and Tyler happened to be in town as well.

Cristi did a cook out for all of us.

Steaks, sausage, tons of veggies, Boudin, dozen of cookie, banana pudding and biscuits.

It was fantastic.

My Aunt is also in from San Diego.

It is always wonderful to see her.

Whit and Bobbie joined us for dinner on Sunday night.

We had planned on visiting with them again yesterday.

Then the bug hit hg.

Didn't think that was the wisest decision.

I love my grandfather more than he'll ever know.

We're heading back home today.

Had planned on leaving really early this morning.

But with a little one up 4 times, that of course didn't happen.

The husband has a conference call at 1.

I don't think it would be ideal with HG in the back seat.

I'm sure we'll stick around here until it is over.

Then get stuff in hours of DFW 5 o'clock traffic.

Then hopefully HWY 114 won't be shut down.


It is tricky trying to get home these days.

It is almost the weekend!

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  1. I hope your grandfather is doing ok. Thinking of you!

    Sorry HG was sick. UGH. That is the worst. I bet she did love that purse though! And the play area at that mall looks great too. So glad your visit was mostly good! :))