Monday, March 26, 2012


My girls did not sleep well last night.
Not at all.
Harper's ears were hurting.
HG was dreaming, bad dreams.
That has been happening a lot lately.
One night, she was crying because she did not get any salad.
In her sleep, she did not get any salad.
Big time tears then she needs snuggles.

We got a lot accomplished today.
Our house is once again full of stuff that we are going through out in the garage.

My sister moved into the condo yesterday and starts Culinary School soon.
We are super excited she is closer than Texarkana.
Uncle Ryan also just changed his flight into DFW tomorrow.
HG is going to squeal with seeing him.
He is out in Cali, moving to Boston soon so we love on him when we can.

A few random pictures over the last week....... In the middle of all the moving, I decided I needed to recover a glider.
You know, the important stuff right?
ha. I am only half way finished.

Trying to eat Greek yougurt.

This stuff is terrible.


Smells like breast fed babies poop.


I've resorted to smoothies with tons of fruit.

Sometimes I will have one for breakfast.

Sometimes I will have one for extra calories in the afternoon.

Extra calories, nuts huh?

Gotta keep my milk supply up for my girl.

You must have calories for your milk to continue.

These girls love our bed.

Lots of tea parties.

Another started project.

This one will be super cute.

Pink butterflies and pearls.

Southern little girls love both.

Oh, it is a mobile.

Silly HG hiding in th little stuffed animal toy chest.

I've been cleaning the grout a little each day.

It is amazing how clean it will come but with two kids climbing on me, I don't get too far.

She loved this old school jumper.

Or is it called a bouncer?

This was from our move in day.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

We were gifted a new toaster oven, can't wait to test it out.

It is so shiny and clean.

Thanks Lynn!

Love some Taco Tuesday with this sweet gal.

You give her chips and salsa, I promise she will be extra sweet.

You just have to love Downtown Dallas and all of the protesting.

Well, this was actually at Mockingbird and 75.

Movie watching before bed.

Harper was already out.

She sleeps peeping out.

Brownies anyone?

We've got a busy week.

I thought it was going to be a slow week.

Then Harper got another double ear so that equals many trips to the doctor at different locations.

It is Teacher Appreciation week.

Our flowers are ready for in the morning.

We are seeing a friend and taking her flowers early in the morning.

Chris is home all week though to help get things done.

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  1. You have a big job cleaning that grout, but it looks great already. Love all the pics of the girls. That is so hard when they have bad dreams. I know it's not funny, but dreaming of salad....poor HG...made me smile though. She is so sweet! I hope Harper's ears get better soon. Our week is crazy busy too with Kevin's family in town. Maybe next week we can play?! :))