Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday lazy day

The rain finally moved out and the sun was simply beautiful. Amazing what a little sun can do for your soul. HG splashed around in dirty puddles while Harper and I cleaned out my car. It seems I can't keep it super clean with us spending so much time in it.
The last load of laundry it in the dryer. Our bags are packed for Spring Break low key style but we can't wait. The husband headed to Tampa early this morning. Both girls napped, HG 3 hours and Harper 2. Did I accomplish anything? Why sure, Lifetime movies. :)
I gave in and bought Hg more panties today and I am already in the mood to toss them. The last batch were boy underwear. No weggies. These Jessie panties, total weggie. I want to scream. My fault though.
We are half way loaded in the car for an early start. Harper has another Dr appointment, being referred to a specialist for her ears, oil change, pick up dry cleaning and hitting the road. Everything is out in Southlake and well, we are I'm downtown Dallas so we will be putting the miles on even before leaving town.
Off to enjoy my glass of red wine, Desperate Housewives and the new GCB show, I love it.

If you haven't checked out the recent pictured Kristen posted on my FB page, you should. She does amazing work. Amazing. I'll post one or two soon and link up to her photography website.

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  1. You're so lucky that the girls nap for you! I miss naps. Today was so nice. I was thinking we were in for more rain, but once those clouds were gone it was beautiful. I think I need to start having a cocktail each night, to unwind. Nothing seems to be working for me! :)