Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Deleted Blogs

Help! Blogs I am no longer following keep popping up on my blog list. Maybe they have been there for a while or maybe my settings changed, no idea. I just keep noticing it lately. Either way, I can't seem to delete them or the other 50 I no longer read. Some are from 2008 with no posts since then. I must update my blogging skills soon. Maybe I can't delete from my IPad? I seriously have no earthly idea. Luckily, my sister is still a wiz on the computer and is downstairs at the moment. I'll have her give it a try. Somewhere between kids, stopping my Masters and moving all the time, my computer skills are no longer present. I have no earthly idea why!

Sweet thing...Harper woke up for her 11:30 pm nurse and HG heard her crying. She went to check on her, turned on the light and was singing to her. Such a sweetie, melted my heart. Or it did for a while until they were both giggling and bouncing off the walls for the next hour.

My friend is doing great! Praise the Lord! Next time you see an officer, military person, fireman or anyone else who puts their life at risk on a daily basis, thank them.

My brother Ryan flew in from LA this afternoon and HG was beyond thrilled when we pulled up at terminal E. I think she might have been a little too excited and might have said Uncle Ryan 100 times in ten minutes. He was a good sport and laughed at her. She was about to drive me nits by saying his name. Ha. You have to love those 3 year olds.

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  1. Blogger keeps acting weird to me too. I haven't had the issue you are having, but it does odd things all the time. I'm like you, I have lost my computer skills in the last few years. :) That is so sweet about HG singing to Harper. I love that. How fun that your brother flew in. I know how excited Boyd gets when family comes to town. Have a good day!