Friday, March 16, 2012

Little Rock Zoo

The girls and I took a super fast trip through Texarkana and onto Little Rock this Spring Break.

I am so sorry that I did not call anyone, we really spent all our time with family and keeping the girls well. It was a super fast trip as we were back in Dallas last night.

We left Dallas a day late after rushing Harper into the doctor once again. Another ear infection and bronchitis. Poor girl has been so sick this winter. They did a full work out of her immune system at the hospital and all is in average range. Great news! She is finishing up antibiotic #9. Very scary, means that she is building a resistance and they aren't working properly. Even late term Preemies can have bad lung and chest issues through out the year. It was one of the first things they warned me about at 29.5 weeks when they had me set up to deliver that day. I honestly never imagined this. I don't think anyone can. She made it much longer and I am even more thankful after this winter.

But with the warmer weather and spring break, we had to do something. The husband was in Tampa and then headed to Louisville. We would technically be doing the same thing at my parents as we would be doing here so we headed east. We had a great time visiting with family and ended up stocking both girls closets with spring and summer clothes. I'm talking everything I think, including shoes. Such a nice feeling because clothes are so dang expensive and then you throw in a picky 3 year old, it is so hard. HG helped pick out her clothes. The day we headed to the Zoo, it was beautiful and warm. Arkansas wasn't on their break so it was like us having the whole zoo just to ourselves. It was great!

More fun Spring Break posts coming up soon.

The husband is back in town and we are finally moving into the house this weekend.

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  1. Saw this post the other day and forgot to comment. That looks like a great zoo. I love the pictures. I was thinking of taking an escape to Little Rock. Is there a lot to do there?