Saturday, March 3, 2012

Breezy Weekend

Our wood floors. We LOVE them.

The kitchen was textured today. The cabinets will be painted Divine white on Monday. The walls were originally supposed to be Coconut Husk, my favorite, but the painter uses a different brand of paint. We finally agreed on another chocolate with Valspar. I am praying it looks okay. They will paint the walls on Tuesday in the kitchen.

This is the office. We went with the common house color for now until we decide how we will set this room up.

This is the Master bed room. Wow, blue right? It was much quieter on the cardstock. We might be repainting but we will try it out. The bedspread it blue and chocolate and the curtains are chocolate.

I didn't get a good picture of Harper's room. The color is called Polished Silver and it is amazing. Goodness, we are all totally in love. I wish all of our rooms were this color upstairs, the husband too.

This is HG's room. Iris Blossom and it actually looks great. She wanted purple, she got purple. The husband and I are excited that it is a purple we can live with.

Working on the dining room. The bottom will be a chocolate color. I am worried because there is so much caramel in the mocha color we picked since we couldn't use our favorite, Latte from Sherwin Williams.

So yeah, Hailey Grace has RSV.

She too sounds like a 90 year old lady who has been smoking for 60 years.

Poor gal.

Don't let it worry you that she has a virus, she is still going strong.

Made me reconsider EVER having more kids.


Oh goodness.



It is beyond hard.

I hear four is more challenging....



She is so good when I am not around.

Shows that it is attention.

And Attitude.

After today she is for sure not contagious.

At least with the RSV stuff.

Everyone is sick in DFW.

Heck, really in the South.

My time is coming.

I just know it.

I am dreading it.

For now, I will gargle my salt water, eat far too much for energy, take my vitamins and drink my wine.

Alcohol kills germs right?

Calories provide energy right?

I bet Uncle Ryan never imagined a kid in this sink.

Lots to say about Uncle Ryan, he is going to HARVARD!!!!

We had a yummy dinner tonight.

The girls and I are loving life at the condo.

I can't get an answer from the husband.

We are not crammed.

So much to do in the area.

It is like two totally different sides of DFW.

Condo is in Highland Park.

The new house is in Southlake/Keller.

We will enjoy the condo while we are here.

I'm sure everything on this post is wild.

I am posting from the hubby's laptop.

He is a huge hp fan.

Always spaces thing crazy.

We are working on the house tomorrow, Austin Monday and Tuesday, rushing home for Dance on Wednesday then a special play day then picking up the husband.

Maybe one day, I will get to cook dinner like tonight again.

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  1. The wood floors look AMAZING. Love them so much! You guys are so busy, I don't know how you do it. Whose condo are you at? Did I miss something? Have fun in Austin and hopefully we will see you on Friday. Just emailed you! :))