Saturday, March 10, 2012

When it rains, it pours.

The weather has put a damper on our move. We still aren't living in the new house. I guess technically we could and would survive but thankfully we have the condo for now. Temperatures are going from 40's to 80's to 70's. We will get to spend our first night there Friday.
Of course we had a blast this week while being ' home less'.  The girls and I headed to Leander to visit our friends while the husband had people in town and then headed to Kentucky. Our trip was short and sweet but between dance and school, we had to head back. We are all looking forward to a trip back down this summer.
Our house looks great. I can't wait to take good pictures and post them soon. The Master bedroom is the only one we don't love and it turned out much more bright than excepted. Bright blue at that. I will throw a can of paint on it if it still looks bad once our furniture is in. I think our favorite is the kitchen. Chocolate walls and divine white cabinets. It's a total twist from our mint walls and dark wood cabinets in Heritage.

Well, even with this weather we are headed back out there. The husband leaves early tomorrow for 5 days and we are traveling for Spring Break. I see friends, the Zoo and family in our future. Oh and good food, let's not forget that.

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