Sunday, June 17, 2012

Harper's eye

As many of you know, Harper has had a clogged tear duct since birth. We had been putting off the surgery with hopes of it improving on its own. Massages, getting her eye to pop and lots of drops. Poor gal, it was always nappy as we like to say. Along with her virus this week and head to toe rash, it is pretty nappy right now. She screams when I massage it so it must either hurt or be sore.

The time had come, her Pedi said we had to be seen by a Pedi eye Specialist. He agreed with our doctor that she indeed had a clogged tear duct and needed her eye probed. The surgery has about a 78% success rate the first time and over 90% if a second probe is needed. We had her first probe ten days ago. They use a local on the eye rather than putting the babies to sleep. I found comfort in knowing that because she had just been put to sleep in April for tubes. Then the Doctor said it hurt like hell even with the local. My heart sank. Then he added that I wouldn't be allowed in the room, double sank. For those of you with kids, remember the stranger period they go through? Wanting mommy all the time? Of course we are smack dab in the middle of that. Boobie babies are always seem ten times worse because thy look at their mom as their only source of food. Double whammy. I really like this doctor, really I do so I trusted him. Yep, the whole office could hear her scream. Probably the entire floor or building now that I think about it. Luckily, it lasted about 60 seconds and they were tossing her back in my arms. She smiled and then cried and then smiled. I knew she was okay. When the doctor came in, she was climbing my shoulder to get away. Ha! Instead of finding one fully or partial clogged membrane, they found two fully clogged membranes. They were hard as a rock and all the massaging and drops weren't clearing those babies. We left leaning on our faith and praying that the probe would clear BOTH. We knew how difficult the doctor said it had been to clear and how clogged they were but still had faith.

Poor Harper girl has to have another eye probe in six days. We aren't sure if both are clogged or just one and no way of telling until they get in the duct with the metal surgical probe. We are hoping just one and that this last probe will work. If not, we will have to do a surgery but praying, hoping and crossing everything we don't have to go down that road.

While this is minor, many friends are in need of prayer. A family I have known all my life lost their newborn yesterday during his nap. My heart aches for them. Another had to deliver early and lost hers a few weeks ago. I will link up to her site when I get back to a computer. She owns a flower shop and cafe and is just the cutest thing. The little boy that passed yesterday, was welcomed in the Heavenly Kingdom by his mom's best friend's son who also recently passed away a few short weeks after he was born from SMA. My SIL attended a funeral for another infant on Thursday. All these beautiful babies are getting wings much too early. Run, hug your loved ones and tell them how important they are.


  1. I'm so sorry about your friends that have lost babies. Breaks my heart!

    Praying for Harper. Do you need us to watch HG during the next surgery???

  2. My heart is breaking for your friends, Whitney! And poor baby Harper- we'll keep her in our prayers <3