Thursday, June 28, 2012

Splash Park

Yesterday the girls and I headed back to TC Splash Park with friends.
Little did we know that 7 vans of daycare kids come of Wednesdays.
We still managed to have fun with all the wildness.
Then a kid pooped in the pool.
Thank goodness it was not my kid, how embaressing!
While we were off playing, the painters were hard at work.
They actually met us out here this morning and have finished all their touch ups.
We were in need of TV and a dust free night so we headed to the in laws in Irving.
They fed us with Vito's pizza and salad, always a favorite.
Both girls went down without much fuss.
Thinking it would be a good night slep, HG was up from 1:30 until nearly 4.
Harper of course could hear her tossing and turning.
It made for a LONG night.
The pool will wear a girl out.
HG enjoys watching all the work men and asking a million questions.
Then she tries to speak to them in Spanish.
Lucky for us, they have a wonderful sense of humor.
Blue eyes will melt a heart.
With getting very little sleep, I needed a new coffee cup.
I have lots of coffee cups but only one that I drink coffee, hot tea or lattes from.
My SIL gave it to me a while back and I adore it.
But who couldn't use two sweet ones?
Breakfast of chicken and green beans for the HG this morning.
Whatever, she ate it.
Harper loves playing with this little doll house.
Everything has dust on it.
Layers and layers.
New tile in Master bath.
Goodness, I love my girls!!!!

The air guys just showed up and left.
The wonderful people at the office ordered the wrong coils.
He promised he would be back today.
$550 of labor, they better!!

Stay cool!


  1. they are just precious! I CANNOT get mine to eat chicken! what gives?!

  2. I love your owl mug!!! So very cute.

    When we went to splash park last time there were 2 daycare vans. It turned out ok, but I was tempted to leave at first. :)