Friday, June 15, 2012

Little Rock

The girls and I spent three days hanging out in little rock with Mom and Scott.
Poor Harper, virus and new upper tooth made for a long few days. I can't believe this kid picks up every freakig thing. Immune of steal coming. We met a wonderful doctor, twice this week.
He was so nice! On Monday, Harper was pretty friendly besides running fever, fluid on her ears, virus and a possible UTI. By Wednesday, she was screaming if you looked at her wrong and the virus caused a rash as soon as the fever broke. Oh wait, did I mention the front upper tooth coming in? Those suckers are so flat and painful. We're in the uphill for sure, once again. I get laughed at often about how I'm always so upbeat and she is always in and out of the doctor. It is all curable, fixable and nothing six straight hours of sleep can't cure........
Another thing we do in Arkansas is eat a lot and ride golf carts...everywhere. HG thinks she needs one to ride to her friends house. We love cupcakes and frozen yogurt afternoons.

I could go on and on about loving Little Rock. the husband always has the worst luck with flights as he was about 4 hours late on Wednesday for our next adventure. We are now in Cushman, Arkansas frog gigging. Ick

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