Saturday, June 23, 2012

week day wrap up

Good but busy week here.
Our upstairs air hasn't been working all week.
Guys came out and added some juice but a day later it was back to nearly 90 around 4pm.
They showed back up Friday night around 9:30 and found the leak in the attic.
It is in the coils so they are on order and it will be a big two man project.....
Thank goodness for our downstairs running cold.

Found pictures of my mom in a drawer at my house.
She was a beauty.
Makes you sick huh?
HG had a tick on her ear.
I have never pulled over so fast in my life and the car was barely in park before I was running to her.
We are addicted to self serve frozen yogurt.

From fresh peaches in our back yard to learning when to pick our figs and pomegrates, we are being very domestic.
Our Destin trip was moved back from the Fourth of July until a little less crowded time.
While we would LOVE to be in Destin over the fourth, it just wasn't very easy to do right now.
Our house starts Monday with floors being ripped out then laid followed directly by the painters.
Now add the air guys and Chris having a HUGE week in Cleveland and Poppy coming on Friday.
We would seriously pack and leave early Saturday and just couldn't do it.
I'm worn out.
Since we are staying here, I am anticipating a little fun coming up.
Chris joined a softball team so when he is in town, we enjoy Wednesday nights at the ball field.

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