Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hot Springs part 2

We had another great day here at the lake. It started nearly two hours later today than Saturday morning but who complains about that? The baby and I were up once again with her fever, 103 all night. Poor kid!

The husband and I figured we should take the girls out this morning and give the house a little piece and quiet. Around 9, we loaded up for what we thought would be a trip to Starbuck's and a drive through downtown. As we pulled into Starbuck's , the line was out the door. Thank goodness for big wireless signals, we managed to work in drive thru, change a blow out diaper and get some yummy drinks. After we finished up the long line, we cruised around town. From horse racing to mountains to bath houses and famous hotels, Hot Springs has it all. What a fun and funky little town.

Baby girl did not do well in the boat today, so our late afternoon boat ride was cut short. She LOVED it yesterday. Women and their moods at less than a year.

Tonight has been low key. Finished off the amazing cupcakes and ended up with belly aches, a feast of fried fish with a challenging sick kiddo and each adult juggling her and repacking. Our plans have kind of changed with one running a fever, a husband flying out and an Aunt wanting us to come play.

Next adventure coming up...

Prayers please!!! The husband's brother and his wife delivered their quads 10 days ago. While the girls are doing, the little boy needs some extra prayers.

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  1. Fun pictures, and I think a trip to Hot Springs is in my future! I'm loving the looks of those cupcakes.

    Praying for the quads, especially baby boy. Keep me posted.