Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wine down Wednesday

Without the wine.
I'm too beat to head down for a glass.
In all truths, I like wine down Monday or Tuesday better.
I'm just not as tired.
Some days, I think I need to move my Bota box upstairs.
We've had a fun filled week here.
Friends came for a visit and we had lots of little girls around.
That always makes for fun times.
HG was terribly sad when they left today.
She wanted them to swim again.
Harper and I tried to keep her entertained.

Today, we spent the morning indoors at the local pool we go to. It is just perfect for kids. A great shallow area for kids and indoors so no sun to worry about. Baby slides, spray areas, etc. After a bit in there, we headed out to the shallow part. Who doesn't a little vitamin D? It got a little busy and cloudy so back inside we went.

I love swimming days, my girls sleep so well.

The husband's softball tournament was rained out tonight. Bummer, he had a double header.

The girls are packed and ready for our trip, can't wait.

Harper's small eye surgery is in the morning. We're hoping this is the answer, along with the tubes she needs. If not, we will go to the next step. Poor gal started another round of antibiotic on the 1st. Another sinus infection. We might end up with a Rocephin shot again. 3 or 4, cant remember and that us scary. Plus, the last two days she has been having belly issues. Both ends. Luckily, she isn't TOO cranky but up two every two hours at night. For over a week. So a prayer tonight is needed. They will put a tiny metal probe in her tear duct in her eye. Very common but blindness is one of the things they warn you about.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week. The rain sounds so peaceful that I bet I'm asleep during the news.

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  1. We had a blast!!! Thanks for having us :) The girls went to bed tonight without ANY problems! haha Looks like y'all had a great day! That storm blew down to my parents'..... lighting struck a tree and split it- fell over on their garage. crazy! It's been beautiful (H-O-T) here all day.